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Why Bamboo?

Well, For Starters…

You can feel the love.

No one else puts the customer experience at the heart of everything quite like we do. We’re always listening to gain a better understanding of how we can serve you, because if you’re succeeding, we’re succeeding. We make sure our customers know we care. That’s the BambooHR Love.

Set your people up for success from the start.

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience. Try it yourself—free for seven days.

We built BambooHR for small and medium-sised businesses.

Not so long ago, we were a small business—like, really small. That’s why we’re obsessed with crafting solutions for small and medium-sised businesses. And we’re not just finding our niche, either: 89 percent of our customers are SMBs, and we’ve been delivering award-winning HR solutions to them for over 10 years.

We’re easy to adopt and even easier to use.

We know your reputation is on the line when you bring a big change to your organisation. That’s why we built BambooHR to be intuitive, clear, and easy to use. People immediately get it, they love using it, and they’ll love you for bringing BambooHR to them.

We’re all about good value.

Providing great value isn’t just about being affordable. It means knowing exactly what features you need and doing away with excess. It means designing software that’s easy to use and making sure you know how to use it. And it means providing the insights others don’t—the kind that help you strengthen your culture and make your entire organisation more efficient. That’s why we rank #1 in providing the best value to HR.

We’ll make you an HR rockstar.

We love revealing the true value of HR and your rockstar status along with it. Our reporting dashboard gives you insights into hiring, performance, and engagement that directly affect your organisation’s bottom line. That means when you walk into the boardroom, you can show and tell how the work you’re doing is having a real impact.

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There's no substitute for hands-on experience. Try it yourself—free for seven days.