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See who is talking about BambooHR’s culture, products, and studies and get the resources to talk (or write) about us, too.

We work with media all over the world to provide helpful content for HR and business professionals. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk, zip us an email.

Please note, only media inquiries will receive a response. To talk to customer support, sales, recruiting, or business development, visit our contact page.

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BambooHR Logo

Our logo is one of the most valuable assets of our identity. It’s a guarantee of quality that unites all of our communications. Please respect our logo. Treat it properly. And follow the guidelines we have so painstakingly created.

The logotype consists of the BambooHR name, bamboo shoot and trademark. Each element has been carefully configured to work together. Therefore, they never come apart.

The following “don’ts” are critical for keeping the integrity of our logo.

Don’t use any other color for the logo except Leaf (Pantone 375C), 90% black, or white.

Don’t stretch or compress the logotype to fill a space.

Don’t apply a stroke to outline the logotype.

Don’t remove elements from the logotype.

BambooHR Icons

BambooHR uses a few different icons, including variations on the logomark. Just like our logo, icons should never be squished or stretched, have their color changed, or have other graphic effects applied to them

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Why BambooHR?

The better question is why not? BambooHR is a sleek, intuitive software solution. It’s the best value for the investment. And our clients love us. See why.